A Creative Life is Not for the Faint of Heart

motivation Aug 02, 2019

Henri Matisse is right. This creativity stuff is risky. You are taking your ideas out of your head and putting them into the world. And you're hoping people like them. You're hoping they get it. You're hoping they understand what you wanted to say. But life doesn't always happen like we hope. And so you think of all the things that could go wrong if you share your creative work.  What if no one likes them? What if it breaks? What if people see the real me and don't like me? 

I get it. When you create something, anything at all, it's personal. There's part of you in the work you create. And while that can be scary, it's also the thing that makes this sort of work kind of sacred. You are creating something that never existed before you made it. You are bringing an idea to life. It's like you are a mad scientist, a god, or an artist. 

But really. The work you make is important. 

Think of all the creative work that has affected your life. That has given you a new understanding of the world or your own identity. Think of all the songs that have given you hope, or courage, or expressed what you couldn't. Think of all the stories that have let you live a thousand lives and see further than your front door. Think of all the art that has moved you to feel joy, compassion or even sadness. Think of the movies that have transformed you as a person, or just made you laugh when you really needed something good. 

Creative work does something other things fail to do. It helps us feel connection, belonging, joy, delight, surprise, and significance. And aren't those the things that make life worth living? Aren't these the things that define the human experience? Aren't these things worth the risk of sharing them? 

If you are feeling nervous or unsure about sharing your creative work, just think of this. What if it makes someone smile? What if it changes a life? What if it helps someone know they’re not alone? What if it makes people kinder? What if it makes the world a better, more beautiful place? 

Your creativity is begging you to be courageous. 

It’s worth the risk to create and keep putting your work into the world. You never know what will happen because of it. And chances are if you don’t create it, no one will. That song, that story, that painting, that movie, that design will never be made without you. 

And don't worry about everyone getting it. If even one person is changed by your creative work, it's worth it. 

So be courageous, and be creative! We need it.

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