Done > Perfect

motivation May 30, 2019

Things have been busy over here at the FitzGerald household. Not only are we working hard to build up resources for all you killer creators, but on Sunday, we're throwing the fourth Rebel Art Fest, our very own art and music festival! 

A few years ago, we saw a gap in our local community. There were tons of great artists who were a little outside of the "mainstream." Artists whose work was a little too out there or too outsider or too niche or too punk rock for the mainstream audience, so they often got overlooked at other art shows and music festivals. But that didn't mean they were any less deserving of celebration.

Then we had a funny thought...

What if we just organized our own festival for them?⠀⠀

We filed a street closure permit with the city, called some artist and musician friends, and just did the damn thing. We put a tent in our parking lot and borrowed a sound system from a friend. We lined up artists on the sidewalk outside of our shop.⠀⠀

And people actually came.⠀⠀

Now, Rebel Art Fest takes place at a big park in town in cooperation with the South Bend Parks Department. And in all honesty, that's exactly where we originally hoped the festival would end up. But we had to be okay with a rinky dinky block party for a couple years. 

Here's the irony...

If we would have waited until everything was perfect to throw our festival, we might not have ever gotten the chance to move it to the park in the first place.⠀⠀

If we waited until we had more sponsors or more artists or if we were able to secure the park as a location, we might still be waiting to throw the first Rebel Art Fest. But because we had the guts to put it out there in the first place, we were able to get the name out there. We were able to get a buzz going. We were able to get people talking about this super rad festival that you absolutely cannot miss.

And as luck would have it, one of the guys who came out to that first parking lot festival would later become Parks Director. And when he was looking for really great events to highlight as part of South Bend's Best. Week. Ever. showcase, he remembered our little festival and gave us a call.

Things don't have to be perfect to be effective. Often, it's better to just do the thing first, then wait to perfect it later on. 

Done is better than perfect.

And it's the first step to the future you want.

What big dream or goal are you chasing? Are you waiting for things to be perfect? Are you waiting for someone to give you permission? Our advice is don't wait any longer. Make a plan and take some action. You can always improve as you go. So get excited and get it 

And if you're in South Bend on Sunday, June 2, stop by Rebel Art Fest to see what we started before it was perfect and see how it's grown! It’s going to be rad. Seriously.


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