How We Made A More Creative Life For Ourselves (And How You Can Too)

about us motivation May 13, 2019

While it might be hard to guess by looking at us now, Michelle and I haven’t always been successful creatives.


Once upon a time, our alarm clocks were set to six in the morning, and we’d wake up, put on business attire, and go work our “real jobs” at a charter school. Then we’d get home at around 6:30, scarf down some microwave dinners, and then watch Netflix while we graded papers or planned lessons.

Meanwhile, our souls were being crushed.


Michelle has been a painter since elementary school. When we met in college, she was always working on something. She was an English major, but as long as I knew her, she spent a ton of time in the art building.


When we were dating, I gave her this big canvas for her birthday. And the whole time we were teaching, that canvas sat in the corner, still wrapped, still blank.


On my end, I’ve been writing songs since middle school. In college, I was performing at open mics almost...

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