Resting to Reset

focus motivation rest Jan 22, 2020
by Michelle FitzGerald

Oh boy. These past couple of months have been a doozy. 

We got the podcast up and running in September, then had a family emergency and health scare in October that made us slow way down, then discovered in November that changing banks for all the business and personal accounts takes a lot more effort than we would have thought. 

And on top of that, we’ve been doing our normal full time work of running a makerspace and making sure our freelance work keeps pace, which both keep us busier than normal through holidays. 

Oh, then we got put out of commission with a New Year’s flu. 

So, I’ll admit, we’ve pulled back from other activities for a bit, and that is not at all bad. In fact, Nat and I have come to realize that taking time to slow down and rest periodically is actually a vital part of living a full life. 

Now, if you’re an introvert, like I am, you won’t take much convincing of this, but if you...

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