Killer Creators: The Webcourse by Killer Creators

Killer Creators: The Webcourse

This four part program will have you outlining how you can get out of your creative rut and find more fulfillment and freedom! This includes focused lessons, relevant activities, two coaching calls, and access to a secret Facebook group!

Who is this for?

  • Our KILLER CREATORS course is for those of you who are dying to do more of your creative work but feel like you don't have any time or just don't know where to start.
  • This is for you if you are ready to call the shots in your own life and stop letting stress, fear, and others' expectations hold you back.
  • This course is for you if you know your creativity has a bigger role to play in the world but you're just not sure what that is yet. 

Who is this NOT for?

  • This IS NOT for those who just want to figure it out the hard way and spend years before reaching your goals. 
  • This course IS for those who want to get on the fast track and learn quickly from two creators who are already killing it.
  • This course IS NOT for those just looking for a quick side hustle, but for those who are serious about changing their whole life and mindset.

What will you learn?

  • We start with your mindset and values so you are positioned for success from the start
  • We'll show you how to make the most of the time and resources already at your disposal so you can do more of what you love.
  • You'll discover the unique opportunity you have to get your creative work out into the world in a meaningful way. 
  • Finally, we'll show you how to actually take the steps you need to start your new creative journey so you can live more and stress less.
  • This course includes 16 bite sized lessons with tools and worksheets to help you take action right away so you can start living the life you love even faster.
  • You get to take the course at your own pace, so you could do this in as quick as weekend or spread it out over a few weeks or months.

Let me have it!

What others are saying

"It has been life-altering for me as I had hit a wall of frustration. . . I mistakenly assumed I had to pick one of my creative ideas to focus on, which was making it impossible for me to actually accomplish anything because I couldn’t commit to one. Once I started participating in your course and doing the exercises I realized that was the wrong approach for me. . . I’m able to focus because I get to spend my week using all my creative interests and talents."

"The Killer Creators course was not just excellent, it was actually life-changing. The way that Nat and Michelle deliver each lesson is both encouraging and motivating. As a lifelong creator, I’ve always struggled with how I can turn my passions into legitimate income . . . Since I started this course I’ve nailed down multiple paid voice acting gigs, I released my first music single in over 3 years, and I started working for a tabletop and role-playing game company as a writer. And it all started here, learning how to make my gifts and passions work for me. Highly recommend!"

"Nat and Michelle make a great team in this course. What I love most is how much they obviously care about about their audience! Unlike other courses I’ve tried, I never doubted their intentions for a second. This is not a cash grab luring you in with fluff. The Killer Creator’s course feels like having a real, raw talk about life with some friends over coffee. I’m more confident in my creative career than ever." 


Need some more convincing?

What's included?

Video Icon 22 videos


Welcome, Killers!
Welcome aboard!
3 mins
Module 1: You Can Do this!
Lesson 1.1 - So You Think You Can't Make Money With Art?
16 mins
Lesson 1.2 - How to stop thinking, "I’m not good enough."
19 mins
Lesson 1.3 - Why it's not just important to be more creative, but vital
15 mins
Lesson 1.4 - What’s the best that could happen?
15 mins
Module 1 Quiz
Module 2: Making Room
Lesson 2.1 - Finding the time
17 mins
Lesson 2.2 - Productivity Hacks!
20 mins
Lesson 2.3 - Making the Most of Your Money!
17 mins
Lesson 2.4 - The Truth About Compensation...
12 mins
Module 2 Quiz
Module 3: Your Unique Opportunity
Lesson 3.1 - Finding Your Sweet Spot
18 mins
Lesson 3.2 - Leveraging Your Skills
15 mins
Lesson 3.3 - Who could you be helping?
14 mins
Lesson 3.4 - What Will You Do?
15 mins
Module 3 Quiz
Module 4: Do it already!
Lesson 4.1 - Building A Brand
20 mins
Lesson 4.2 - Make the Thing
14 mins
Lesson 4.3 - Marketing: A Crash Course
20 mins
Lesson 4.4 Gettin' Paid!
25 mins
Module 4 Quiz
Course Wrap Up
Wrapping Things Up
3 mins
Bonus Videos
Module 1 Bonus Video
5 mins
Module 2 Bonus Video
4 mins
Module 3 Bonus
7 mins
Module 4 Bonus Video
5 mins

But wait: there's more!

Bonus 1

Access to our Killer Creators Facebook Group

We go further and faster together. The Killer Creators group page lets you share and learn from other creators who are in this with you. We'll be doing weekly check ins and will challenge you to keep up with your course work until you become that Killer Creator you always wanted to be. 

Bonus 2

Two private coaching calls!

Get one-on-one time with Nat and Michelle to get personalized feedback on your plans, goals and progress. There's nothing quite as helpful as a real conversation where you can ask about whatever you need. And since you get two private calls, you can get guidance to start and motivation to keep going. 

And there's no risk!

We are so confident that you are going to love the Killer Creators course that we are giving you 30 days, risk-free! That’s right, you can use our training for 30 days, and if doesn’t exceed your expectations for any reason, simply email us and we will send you a refund.
Let me have it already!