Ok, I see you

You look like a creative who’s ready to take this to the next level. You’re ready to tackle those projects once and for all. You’re ready to put your dreams first so you can feel like you’re living. 

Can I tell you guys something kind of embarrassing? Back when I was working my 9-5 and was starving to be more creative, I made this resolution as a joke, but I was kind of serious. I said that I wanted to be a better hipster. It wasn’t the beanie caps or avocado toast I was after. I just wanted to pursue my creative dreams without feeling like I had to meet someone else’s expectations first. I wanted creative freedom. And Nat was already doing a little of that with his band. But I was still stuck. I didn’t know how to find the time or the freedom to fit my creative dreams in with my 9-5. So, only a few months into that year, I gave notice at my job and did not have a back-up plan. This is not the route we recommend. But, here I am five years later and running my own creative studio and makerspace, hosting art and music festivals with my husband, who is killing it in multiple bands and through his writing. 

The most common problem we hear from creatives wanting to do more is that there’s just not enough time. And that’s what we thought too, when we were over-worked and stressed in our 9-5 jobs. But since making our creative work our full-time gig and helping others along the way, we’ve discovered it’s not just about time. We could give you all the time saving tips in the world, and you may still be stuck in the same spot a year from now. 

So, what’s missing for most creatives? It’s not ideas. They have plenty of those. It’s not desire. They really want to do more creative work. As strange as it sounds, they are often missing the importance of their work. They don’t really believe it’s important. And even if they have some sense of its importance, they might still be stuck because they are just not sure where to start or where to focus. 

I can tell you right now, there are plenty of things I would like to do in life, but until I find a focus and the importance to do it, I will never get there. And the same goes for you and your creative dreams. You won’t get there by accident. And we really don’t want you to take 5 more years to figure out how to get there either. 

That’s why we have put together everything we’ve learned from the last 5 years working as creatives so you can take our lessons and put them to work in your life today. In the Killer Creators program, you’ll get 

  • all our best discoveries that will put you leaps and bounds beyond where you are today
  • the mindset and core values you need to start and accomplish your creative dreams
  • the frameworks and methods we use to make sure we’re making progress each day
  • practical activities that will help you find your focus and ideal project
  • the steps and methods we use to get ideas out of our heads and into the world quickly
  • templates and examples of what our process looks like so you can start today
  • A killer community of like-minded creators who will encourage and support you to achieve your goals. We’re better together after all.
  • AND two coaching calls with Nat and I so we can help you get on the right track and give you our best advice specific to your goals and dreams. 

Imagine a year from now you are looking back after joining the Killer Creators, and you are more confident in your creative career than ever before, you have learned to make your gifts and passions work for you, you’ve found the optimal time to get your creative work done, and you have finally found your identity as a thriving artist and creator.  And if you are thinking, that all sounds good, but maybe too good to be true. Those are things our students have already achieved since going through this program. And it’s not even a year out yet!

When you implement the frameworks and methods we teach, you’ll find yourself doing all this with less stress and more fun. Because that’s what makes life worth living. Am I right?

Are you ready to jump in? Not yet, you say? What’s stopping you? 

Are you afraid that you just don’t have the time? You won’t need to devote much time to this program at all to start gaining back hours per day for yourself and your creative goals. We made our program so simple, you could work through a lesson in the same time it takes to watch an episode of The Office (one of our favorites). Plus, in the second module of our course, you’ll learn all our best tips and systems for finding all the time you need for your creative goals and making the most of it once you’ve found it. You’ll gain back way more time than this program will take. Think of it as a return on your time. After all, you won’t have to take the 5 years of trial and error we did, or read the countless books, attend the multi day conferences, and take endless webinars and webcourses we have taken to learn all this. You’re getting on the fast track by joining with us, two killer creators who have already done all the hard, long work for you. This will not take up your time. It will give it back, and more!

Are you ready now? Not quite? Are you stuck feeling like you just don’t even know what creative goal you want to work on? We get that. We’ve been there. And the thing that usually happens when you feel that way is you either do nothing at all, or you try and fail at lots of things. Neither of those options are ideal. We know this. We are two creatives who get this problem more than others. So, in our program we give you the steps and processes that we use to discover our ideal projects one at a time so we can focus in and get more done with less time. You’ll be able to discover what talents and passions you can combine and how, so you can find the ideal project to help you reach your creative dreams faster. Don’t worry about not having just one idea. Jump in and we’ll show you where to start. 

And I know what you’re thinking now. How much is this gonna cost me? Because, let’s be honest. Money is a big deal. We know this. And let me assure you, we do not want your money unless you are ready to take your creative work seriously. Then we can help you. If we can’t help you, we don’t want your money. But here’s the thing about money. When we give our money to something, we value it and pay attention to it more. And so, we would be doing you a disservice by giving this program away for free. Because then you wouldn’t take any of the lessons seriously or give them your undivided attention or let it change your life. Free stuff doesn’t change your life. And we want you to pay attention. And that happens when you pay. Plus, we’ve put a lot of work into this, trying to make what we believe is the best course for creators to take their work seriously and start getting it in the world. You get the full course with video lessons showing you how to start implementing these life changing methods and systems (a value of $1,600), the downloadable workbook showing all the frameworks and templates we use (a value of $800), lifelong access to the private killer community of other like-minded creatives (over a $600 value), and the two private coaching calls with Nat and I to help you anywhere along the way (a $200 value). So, if you’ve been adding in your head, that totals to $3,200.  But you’re not going to have to pay that. We're offering all of this to you for just $997! We’ve tried to add so much value into this thing that you will be thinking later, “I can’t believe it only took $997 to change my life!” Like, seriously. Who here has wasted more than that on college classes that were not interesting in the least, much less, life changing? I have. Or maybe you’ve wasted that on a shopping spree. And if $997 feels like too much to drop at once, we have two payment plans that let you break it down over three or six months.

 I can remember when I paid over $1,000 plus airfare, hotel, and rental car for a multi day creative conference, and it was the first “big” investment I had made for the sole purpose of taking my creative goals more seriously, it made a huge impact on my life. And there wasn’t any one on one coaching, or step by step guides to help me start taking action, or a community that continued to support me after the conference. It was just an inspirational conference for creatives, and it changed my life. I see that decision as one of my best to help push me further in my creative career, and I don’t regret any of it. 

And you can join Killer Creators today 100% risk free! We want this program to help as many creatives as possible that we are willing to let you have access to everything and still have the chance to say no. We are so confident that what we put together for creatives is going to transform the way you think about your work and help you reach your goals, that we have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You can jump in today, get all the frameworks, lessons, templates and more and see if it doesn’t help you get more excited to reach your creative dreams. If you think we didn’t deliver, just ask for your money back within 30 days, and you’ve got it. Just try it. Nothing will change if you don’t take action and join us today. But if you do take action and decide to join Killer Creators, then you better get ready to start feeling more confident in your creative skills and work, discover the perfect opportunity for your talents and passions, find more fulfillment and value in the work you do, and reach more of your creative dreams, all with more fun and less stress. 

So, you might be sitting there thinking. Wow. This is big. Maybe you’re excited or nervous, or just ready to see your life change finally. And this is big. And we are asking you to trust us. But maybe we’ve never met before. Maybe you’re wondering, “Who are these people and why should I listen to them?” First of all, like we said before. It’s no risk to you to try. But nothing will change if you don’t. And secondly, we’re two creatives, just like you, who had the crazy schedules working for everyone but ourselves, and we finally had enough. We took the big risk and decided to figure out how to live more creatively, and we’ve done so for the last five years and learned everything the hard way so you don’t have to. Nat is in three bands, playing shows around the Midwest, planning music festivals, and writing as one of the top authors for The Hoth where he has been able to write for Forbes, Hulk Hogan and even got to speak to other freelancers at this past year’s HothCon event alongside the likes of Neil Patel, Josh Bernoff and Ric Flair. Michelle started and continues to run a community makerspace for these past 5 years, teaching tons of craft and art classes, planning artisan markets and festivals, she started a successful benefit art auction that has run over 10 years, and she has been a panelist to speak to other small business owners at a Facebook Boost Your Business event. 

We just realized that what we had to offer to other starving creatives was too good to sit on any longer. We thought, if this is going to change someone’s life and help them get to their goals a lot faster and with more support than we had, why aren’t we sharing this? So, we’re sharing this. You can join the Killer Creators full webcourse with video trainings and exclusive workbook, lifetime access to the members only Facebook group of other killer creators to get the support you need to get started and keep going, and you get the two private coaching calls with Nat and I. So, make a decision. You can either stay where you are and not change anything, or you can take responsibility for reaching your creative dreams and take action today by joining Killer Creators. Your future self will thank you. 

So, hit that “Join now” button and get in here. You deserve to change your life and make it worth living.  Remember, this course is only available for a limited time, so jump in now!

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